Mary Duncan

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Lost in Limbo

Supernatural Fiction, Lost in Limbo

Lost in Limbo is the first book by author Mary Duncan. This work of supernatural fiction is sure to delight. Pick up your copy today and indulge in this suspenseful tale from beyond the grave.

Lost in Limbo

Ouija Boards and spirits aren't real. That's what sixteen-year-old Heather thought before she subpoenaed the ghost of Peter Hanes back from the dead. He and his wife, Mary, were killed fourteen years earlier, in separate incidents, by the same ruthless assassins. The small town, out of fear and intimidation, turned a blind eye to justice, and allowed the murderers to walk free.

Peter's soul remained hopelessly trapped between life and death until Heather tempted fate and called him back from the grave. His only chance to cross over and reunite with his beloved Mary, was to solve their murders, and bring their killers to justice.

Peter revealed to Heather, the identity of a single witness that no one, except himself and the killers knew about. Heather, then shared Peter's story with her best friend Amy, and from there things escalate.

Lost In Limbo Book Cover