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About the Author

About Fiction Author Mary Duncan

Mary Duncan has always been fascinated by words and poetry, and always wanted to write a book though she feared rejection and failure. In 2010, she finally convinced herself to give it a go without concern for whether or not she could make it. In August of that year, she sat down at her desk and began writing. That was the start of an eight-year journey that would lead to her first book, Lost in Limbo. Today, she's even more enamored by the fact that simply rearranging the alphabet gives you millions of things to say, and countless ways to say those things.

Mary Duncan

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First Steps

Her first book is just her first step toward establishing herself as an author. Her goal is nothing more than your enjoyment. Through endless days of writing, from early in the morning and often straight into the next evening, she was driven by a desire to give readers something they could love.

Mary has a love for suspense and thriller novels, so when she wrote her first book, it was as much a journey for her as it was for the reader. The process of writing tends to take on a life of its own, leading to places even the author wasn't expecting. In life, there are so many boundaries, but the world of fiction removes those entirely. We can create our own worlds, characters, and more. If mistakes are made, we can simply erase them and move on. These attributes fascinate Mary as a fiction author.

A Dream Come to Life

Mary has always loved writing, and writing a book is something she has always wanted to do. Like most children, she always wanted to make her parents proud while also doing something unique. She started by writing poetry. Her mother would cry as she read it, and the work would move her father. The realization that her talent could move emotions strengthened her passion.

Her family has been a great support as she has written, starting from her teenage years to now. Today, her mother is her biggest fan and she imagines that, despite having left this world, her father looks down with a grin on his face as she publishes her first book. Pick up your copy of Lost in Limbo today and join her on her journey.