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Lost In Limbo

Chilling Suspense Novels by Mary Duncan

Mary Duncan is the author of Lost in Limbo, the first of many thriller and suspense novels to come. This first book features a unique take on fiction. Its rollercoaster of events spiral out of control as a small town's former sheriff seeks justice from the grave for his and his wife's murders that have remained unsolved for fourteen years.

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Mary Duncan's love and passion for writing first introduced itself in the form of poetry. It fascinated her how individual words with little meaning, when placed together, could create such strong emotion. Though she's a verbal person, outspoken and straight-forward if you will, she's better able to tactfully express herself and speak from her heart through the use of written word.

She's experienced every emotion that life's ups and downs can evoke and through it all, wisdom has gained her the knowledge that certain things are out of her control. It's that knowledge that gives her the greatest inspiration to write. Writing offers her the opportunity to shut the real world out for a brief moment and enter the depth of her imagination where she controls every destiny and fate she encounters.

Mary Duncan

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